Zabba Du Dabbu Episode 2: Ephemeral Games

Recorded April 12, 2012

We talk about the permanence of today’s game and whether the games we buy and play now will be buyable and playable in the future. Joe reveals his dystopian nightmare for the future.

Links of Note:

Zabba Du Dabbu Episode 2: Ephemeral Games

Zabba Du Dabbu Episode 1: Saving Zelda

Recorded April 5, 2012

For our first episode, we talk about Tevin Thompson’s essay about the Zelda series ( and break up the podcast over irreconcilable differences.

Feedback in the recording required a bit of editing on our part, hence the delay in release. We tried to remove the noise as best we can, but it might still pop up from time to time, so bear with us, we’re teething.

Zabba Du Dabbu Episode 1: Saving Zelda