Zabba Du Dabbu Episode 12: Alcohol and Other Power-Ups

Recorded July 5, 2012

We welcome special guest Ben and Justin to talk alcohol and video games: drinking while gaming, drinking in gaming and gaming drinks. Of course, it all devolves into discussion of other forms of debauchery.

Vodka Popinski

  • 1 Part Sprite
  • 1 Part Vodka
  • A Splash of Grenadine

Gin & Sonic

  • 1 Part Gin
  • 1 Part Dark Berry Mountain Dew

Captain Jack

  • 1 Part Captain Morgan’s Rum
  • 1 Part Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey

Squirtle (or Wave Race or ON/OFF)

  • 1 Part Water

The Game List:

Links of Note:

Zabba Du Dabbu Episode 12: Alcohol and Other Power-Ups